Lili's Family Multi Cultural Bilingual Pre-School - Company Message


Bervely Mckenzie

      Mrs. Lili has been my daughter's daycare provider for approximately three years. During that period of  time both my daughter's have received excellent care. The daycare provider that my oldest daughter was in before Mrs. Lili's establishment, was shut down by the city due to child endangerment and my child was one of the children at risk, so finding Mrs. Lili not only makes sure that her daycare is safe environment but creates a fun learning environment that challenges my daughter's.

Having my daughter's come home and speaking simple Spanish is a wonderful experience. The daycare- is set up around learning, challenges, and developing high self-esteem. My daughter Samantha's developmental grow both physical and social has been stimulated by being in this daycare, she is far advanced for 5 years old.

I attribute this to the work that Mrs. Lili has done with her- I Highly recommend Mrs. Lili  at Family Childcare to anyone.

Beverly Mckenzie

Carrie Eltringham  
My son Sam, began childcare with Liliana Mooneyhan in March of 2015. I had just returned to work Full-time after maternity leave, and we need a loving home for Sam during the day. My husband and I were impressed by the devoted space to her childcare services inside her home, and the one-on-one attention and love that our 2 month old son received.

All of our expectations and more were met at Liliana's daycare. Sam received excellent care with Liliana. We received the comfort of knowing that Sam was in a setting as familiar as his own home. Liliana did a great job of keeping us up to date of everthing that happened during Sam's day, incluiding the good and the bad. She let us know of the milestones Sam was achieving, as well as other concerns she may have had. Sam love going to Mrs. Lili's house every morning! By finding Liliana, we found more than a place to leave our child while we wor; we found an extension of our home.

Liliana also impressed us by how accommodating she was to our needs. I felt no apprehension when asking questions about Sam. I not only found a childcare provider, but also a friend.

I recommend Liliana's in home daycare to any parent looking for a secure place for their child. Our experience Liliana has been wonderful.

Major and Mrs. Burke Eltringham

Susan Dempsey

1. It is with great pleasure that I white this letter of recommendation on behalf of Liliana Mooneyhan and Lili's Family Daycare. My daughter,Sylvia, who is approaching one year old,has been under the care of Lili since July 2009, when she was approximately three months old.

 2. Lili's Family Daycare is operated in a house that is clean, loving,fun,and family oriented. this was evident from the moment I first stepped foot into Lili's resident. to this day, my impression has not changed. Since I first left my daughter with Lili, I have watched my daughter thrive from the love,attention,and education provided by Lili and her family. When I am at work, I have never had to worry about my daughter's happiness or safety; I know that Sylvia is in a fun,healthy,and secure environment. I am always reassured that my daughter is in good hands when Lili sends me a picture of Sylvia playing with a big smile on her face.

 3. Furthermore, Lili consistently demonstrates that she is truly concern about the welfare and development of my daughter. She has a plethora of different types of toys and activities for children of all ages. Lili teaches ages appropriated lessons,and has introduce my daughter to shapes,colors,books,arts and crafts,the alphabet,numbers,and music,just to name few. Additionally, Lili provided me with continual feedback on my daughter's development and always let me know if something about my daughter is causing her concern.

4. Lili is a fully qualified day care provider who constantly seeks self improvement. She is certified in first aid and CPR, to include cpr for infants. Additionally, she is knowledgeable regarding nutrition and always ensures that my daughter is well nourished. Furthermore,she attends classes to keep abreast of the latest thinking and development in the field.

5. I regret that I am unable to stay at home with my daughter. However, I feel extremely fortunate to have found Lili's Family Daycare as a place where my daughter can grow.

Khira L. Delgado

 I am writing this in reference to the capabilities and abilities of Liliana Mooneyhan as a day care provider. I think very highly of Mrs. Mooneyhan. She is very dedicated to her job as a mother and as a day care provider for other children.

 My child, Craig Delgado Jr, has been with Mrs. Mooneyhan for almost three years,during this time frame he has progressed with his speech, his learning and behavioral abilities,and also with his eating habits. She has not only kept my son on great schedule she has also managed to do the same with all of the other children and their parents.

 She keeps us updated with any changes in their habits or behaviors. She also makes sure that the parents are in safe environment.

 I highly recommend Liliana Mooneyhan as a day care provider and she is highly qualified and she is also a very loving mentor and friend to the children.

Gwendolyn Cho

Liliana Mooneyhan has been my child care provider since the beginning of February 2011. She was recommended to me by a close friend who was pleased with a quality of child care that Lili provides. Lili is always good about communicating to the parents about any concerns,questions,or even positive things that happen with the children. Her house is always clean and the child care rooms are very accommodating for each one of the children to learn and play in.

My oldest son is two and has learned  so much since he has been there. She focuses on discipline,manners,respect,and teaching above the average level of the children. My son surprises me every day with new,positive things that Lili has taught him.

I went on Maternity leave after I had my youngest son in June 2011,and I had no worries as to who I was going to go to for child care. My youngest son has been going to Lili for child care since 2011 and has adapted very well. I never worry when I leave my children at Lili's house because I know how natural she is with all of the children that go there. I have seen her interact with the children and she always treats them like her own. Lili also cares about parents.

Being in the Military is hard,especially since my husband  is in the Military too; so when he deploys or is gone for long periods of times, Lili always ask me if I need a babysitter over the weekend or just for a couple of hours so that I can have a personal time. I am grateful that I have a child care provider that my children love to go; this is why I will continued to go to Lili for child care.