Lili's Family Multi Cultural Bilingual Pre-School - Company Message


Bervely Mckenzie

      Mrs. Lili has been my daughter's daycare provider for approximately three years. During that period of  time both my daughter's have received excellent care. The daycare provider that my oldest daughter was in before Mrs. Lili's establishment, was shut down by the city due to child endangerment and my child was one of the children at risk, so finding Mrs. Lili not only makes sure that her daycare is safe environment but creates a fun learning environment that challenges my daughter's.

Having my daughter's come home and speaking simple Spanish is a wonderful experience. The daycare- is set up around learning, challenges, and developing high self-esteem. My daughter Samantha's developmental grow both physical and social has been stimulated by being in this daycare, she is far advanced for 5 years old.

I attribute this to the work that Mrs. Lili has done with her- I Highly recommend Mrs. Lili  at Family Childcare to anyone.

Beverly Mckenzie