Lili's Family Multi Cultural Bilingual Pre-School - Company Message


Susan Dempsey

1. It is with great pleasure that I white this letter of recommendation on behalf of Liliana Mooneyhan and Lili's Family Daycare. My daughter,Sylvia, who is approaching one year old,has been under the care of Lili since July 2009, when she was approximately three months old.

 2. Lili's Family Daycare is operated in a house that is clean, loving,fun,and family oriented. this was evident from the moment I first stepped foot into Lili's resident. to this day, my impression has not changed. Since I first left my daughter with Lili, I have watched my daughter thrive from the love,attention,and education provided by Lili and her family. When I am at work, I have never had to worry about my daughter's happiness or safety; I know that Sylvia is in a fun,healthy,and secure environment. I am always reassured that my daughter is in good hands when Lili sends me a picture of Sylvia playing with a big smile on her face.

 3. Furthermore, Lili consistently demonstrates that she is truly concern about the welfare and development of my daughter. She has a plethora of different types of toys and activities for children of all ages. Lili teaches ages appropriated lessons,and has introduce my daughter to shapes,colors,books,arts and crafts,the alphabet,numbers,and music,just to name few. Additionally, Lili provided me with continual feedback on my daughter's development and always let me know if something about my daughter is causing her concern.

4. Lili is a fully qualified day care provider who constantly seeks self improvement. She is certified in first aid and CPR, to include cpr for infants. Additionally, she is knowledgeable regarding nutrition and always ensures that my daughter is well nourished. Furthermore,she attends classes to keep abreast of the latest thinking and development in the field.

5. I regret that I am unable to stay at home with my daughter. However, I feel extremely fortunate to have found Lili's Family Daycare as a place where my daughter can grow.