Lili's Family Multi Cultural Bilingual Pre-School - Company Message


Khira L. Delgado

 I am writing this in reference to the capabilities and abilities of Liliana Mooneyhan as a day care provider. I think very highly of Mrs. Mooneyhan. She is very dedicated to her job as a mother and as a day care provider for other children.

 My child, Craig Delgado Jr, has been with Mrs. Mooneyhan for almost three years,during this time frame he has progressed with his speech, his learning and behavioral abilities,and also with his eating habits. She has not only kept my son on great schedule she has also managed to do the same with all of the other children and their parents.

 She keeps us updated with any changes in their habits or behaviors. She also makes sure that the parents are in safe environment.

 I highly recommend Liliana Mooneyhan as a day care provider and she is highly qualified and she is also a very loving mentor and friend to the children.